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January 22, 2018

Abbey + Walker’s wedding weekend will alway be SUCH a special one in my memory, for too many reasons to count!! I adore them, their hearts, and their love for each other. I have had “Harvard Wedding” written in my planner, in my cutesy blue ink for December 2018 (yes, you read that correctly) for well over six months. I knew from the moment Abbey and I first connected that we were two peas in a pod! She has the same appreciation for photography as I do and their wedding day was destined to be swoon worthy.

Abbey reached out to me at the end of November 2017 and explained that she was simply over the wedding planning process. (Future brides, if you’re reading this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.) Her sweet grandmother recently went to live with Jesus, and her family was down. She realized that the silly, simple details of her wedding no longer mattered. They just wanted to be husband and wife already!! When it all boiled down, all that mattered was that she got to marry the love of her life, Walker.

She mentioned that her Grandfather’s birthday was December 30th, and her exact words were, “I would like to have something to honor her (her grandmother) near his birthday. In addition, we lost my other Grandmother around Christmastime last year so this would be a way to make holidays a little brighter.” …insert me sobbing…

In a little over two weeks, this girl KNOCKED WEDDING PLANNING OUT OF THE PARK. Y’all, about 30 of their closest family + friends traveled to Chattanooga, Tennessee to witness Abbey + Walker tie the knot, and they turned this December 2018 wedding into the BEST December 2017 wedding. I don’t think I have ever been apart of such a relaxed wedding day! It was SUCH an honor to be apart of their family for the day and boy, did they welcome us with open arms!!! Seth and I felt like we had known them all our whole lives! With even just two weeks of planning, everything was perfect. We joked and said that this wedding was sponsored by Amazon Prime because I kept complimenting how much I loved things and every single time, Abbey would say, “Oh, Amazon girl!!! If it wasn’t Prime capable, we didn’t order it.” Ha!!

I cannot rave enough about their day. I could go on forever, but I will leave it at this: there are many things far more important than the “picture perfect” wedding day. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is the person standing up next to you at the alter. I wish more of my brides spent as much time planning for their marriage as they do their wedding day. Because that’s all that it is… ONE day. After those fleeting 24 hours are up, you still have forever with your love.

Abbey + Walker, I’m not good with words, but I could write a million more on how much I adore the two of you. I am SO honored and grateful that we were able to be apart of your day. God writes the BEST stories. <3

Side note: Seth (the love of MY life) asked me to marry him while we were in Tennessee for their wedding!!!! Another reason I’m partial to this weekend. 😉


Photographer | Madison Carter Photography

Venue | The Views at Sunset Ridge

Dress | BHLDN


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