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July 17, 2017

Um, so yesterday was insane!!!!! I’ll *attempt* to start from the beginning, but hang with me. I’m still on cloud nine and my brain is running 90 mph. MY BEST FRIEND IS ENGAGED!!!!

Jenna and I planned a small session for her, Sam, and Elseigh. We planned it for Thursday, but we cancelled. We decided to move it to Saturday. It was totally casual and unplanned. She even texted me Saturday morning and said, “I am so unprepared.” It rained all day and we nearly cancelled three times. We ended up deciding to go for it because what did we really have to lose!? Seth and I met them in Thomasville for portraits and then to grab a bite to eat. 

We were about 40 minutes into pictures. We had Elseigh in some, but let her play some also (Seth makes a great nanny). She was knee deep in a water fountain, and Jenna + Sam were snuggled up in front of my camera. When I say made for each other, I mean MADE. FOR. EACH. OTHER. Sam started to whisper sweet words into Jenna’s ear. I saw his knee start to bend. I thought, “What the heck is he doing?! I didn’t tell him to pose like that.” HA! Jenna said, “SAM!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?” Neither of us had ANY idea this was about to happen. Turns out, he’s had the ring for months but was waiting for the perfect moment. Thankfully, I had an empty memory card and a great shutter speed. 😉

And then, it clicked. The perfect guy for my best friend was on one knee professing his love and asking for her hand in marriage. A few minutes of sweet words and a whole lot of tears later, she said YES!!! Elseigh and Seth were still playing in a water fountain, but the rest of us were in tears. I don’t think we stopped crying until dinner, and I’m crying again now. We celebrated with champagne and a rainbow appeared in the sky. It was an absolutely perfect night for three (Elseigh included) absolutely perfect people. 

I’ve never met someone as selfless and loving as you, Jen. I had no idea what my life was missing in a friend until I met you. Sam, thank you for being the man you are to Jenna + LC. They deserve the entire world, and I think they’ve found the person who will give it to them. <3


PS: now you’re really never getting rid of me, Sam. 😉