Katelyn James | The Workshop Experience | June 2017

July 12, 2017

I’ve sat down to write this blog about five times now. Truth is, it was a perfect week and I’m not perfect with words. In June, I flew to Virginia to attend a Katelyn James workshop. The workshop seats were released back in November 2016 and sold out in less than two hours. Cue: JESUS. At the time, it just wasn’t in my cards. I thought, “gah, whoever goes to that is so dang lucky.” Fast forward to May 2017… an attendee was selling their seat, and a friend of mine put me in contact with her. I was already going to be just 45 minutes from the ATL airport the weekend I needed to fly out and this time, IT WAS IN MY CARDS. It sort of fell into my lap, and the timing couldn’t have been anymore perfect.

I know over half of you reading this aren’t photographers (hi, mom), so I’ll spare you all the details of what we learned, etc. and make it simple: Katelyn James is the God of wedding photographers. She started her business in college (familiar) and never looked back. She is a world famous educator and has a heart of gold. Pure gold. Needless to say, this was the opportunity of a lifetime.

She and her husband Michael, opened their home to the 16 of us and treated us like family the entire time. Emy, her sister made homemade meals and snacks everyday. Her mama made sure we had everything we needed, and Bokeh boy even snuggled with us. 16 strangers quickly became lifelong friends. We shared our hearts with each other, and even cried in the living room floor. ha! We photographed a styled shoot (shouts to the most amazing vendors ever!!), and had headshots taken. We ate WAY too many chocolate chip cookies and ended our time with a tearful prayer in their living room. 

Never in a million years did I think that little 21 year old me would fly to Virginia to learn from one of the best in the industry. I could write about how grateful I am for the opportunities I’ve been given all day long. I’ll try to paraphrase though…  To every single one of you who has trusted me to be apart of your wedding day, capture your sweet family or a moment in life, thought of me, prayed for me or encouraged me along the way, THANK YOU. I won’t ever be able to adequately express my gratitude for you. The last year and a half has been an insane journey, and it’s only just begun. <3