Emily & Colby | Amelia Island Proposal

April 12, 2017

Where to start? I never know, which is probably why I rarely blog… ha! Let’s try this: I met Emily what feels like forever ago. I’ll cut this short and just say that she is one of THE best people I know. Seriously. So when Colby called and ask if I would be apart of this special day, I was so pumped. Possibly more pumped than anyone. He wanted this to be the best day of her life thus far, and I think he achieved it. 

Emily’s best friends and I met up that day, and scrambled to get everything in place. We may have made a wrong turn (or ten) along the way, but we had so much fun! We snuck around the area and set it all up, while Colby and Emily got ready for “dinner”. About an hour later, the perfect little beach set up was ready for show time. And Emily had NO idea what was about to happen. 

They made their way down to the beach to “take a quick picture before dinner”, and I pretended to be a Russian Spy behind the sand dunes. 😉 She said yes, and we celebrated accordingly! It was SO much fun, and I am so thankful I got to be apart of it. I can’t wait to see where life takes you two. CHEERS!! 

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