Devin & Levi | December 3, 2016

December 4, 2016

     I finished up my 2016 wedding season yesterday, and it truly couldn’t have been more perfect. The weather, venue, bridal party, family members, DJ, Pastor, food, and MUCH, much more were absolutely amazing. The wedding was held at Quail Branch Lodge in Lake Park, GA. Let me just say, the place is a photographer’s playground any day of the week. But, come Christmas time, I think it might actually be the North Pole. The staff at The Lodge does an impeccable job at decorating. They have, quite literally, decked the halls. 
     I met Devin in middle school. She has always had such a kind and loving soul. However, I didn’t meet Levi until this year. Even though I haven’t known him for all that long, I know for certain that he and Devin are a match made in heaven. When the two of them are together, everything is at ease. Their wedding day was no exception. I kept thinking, “Ok, this is going way too well… what does someone have up their sleeve?” Thankfully, no one had anything up their sleeve. Their day was just that great. It was nearly impossibly to narrow it down to a small amount of images, but I did my best so I could share some with you here…

We lived it up all. day. long. After the beautiful sunset ceremony, we snuck off to have a few minutes alone (I am a pro at third wheeling). Then we wrapped up the day with the best cake and dancing ever. 

I cannot think of a better way to cap off my wedding season for this year. It’s safe to say I have the best clients in the world. 2016 was definitely a year to remember. Never in a million years did I think this little hobby of mine would turn into a dream come true. I don’t take a moment of it for granted. Cheers to 2017, friends!

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