Jessica + Levi | South Georgia Farm Wedding

December 7, 2017

November, where did you go?!? The Boyd Wedding finished up my November 2017, and it did not disappoint. Possibly the most tears I’ve ever shed at a wedding. ha!

Jessica and Levi got married on Levi’s family’s gorgeous farm land. Jessica has two littles, Emalyn and Maebry. It’s safe to say they were the stars of the show, and that was totally deserved! While they were getting their hair done, Emalyn ever so proudly declared, “today is THE DAY. We are getting a step daddy!!!” …MELT. They adore Levi and he loves them so fiercely.

Jessica + Emalyn wrote a song and surprised Levi (and everyone else) during the ceremony. I honest to goodness don’t think there was a single dry eye in the house. Oh, and after Jess + Levi shared their first look, the girls made SURE we knew that they were having their very own first look with Levi. SO sweet!!

It was such a beautiful, Jesus-filled, fun day. I’m so grateful that I was able to be apart of it. Cheer’s to forever, Mr. + Mrs. Boyd! 🙂